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About Me:

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Communciation Department at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. My research and teaching focus on communication online, rhetorics of citizenship and activism, and fandom communities.

My research examines fan-based citizenship performances, and as such sits at the intersection of rhetoric, fan studies, and internet studies. Whether it's Harry Potter, the Bengels, or Star Wars, we're all fans of something. Remarkably, fan groups and nonprofits have deployed fandom to create social change through protest, charity donations, and volunteer work. In these deployments, fandom guides civic action. Importantly, these deployments have significant implications for our conceptualizations of citizenship, the circulation of public discourses, and the possibilities for social change.

My work has appeared in Communication Theory, Argumentation and Advocacy, Transformative Works and Cultures, and The Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier. I have presented my research at international and national conferences such as the National Communication Association and the Association of Internet Researchers.

Curriculum Vitae:

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Office Address: Office #307B, Schott Hall, Department of Communication Arts, 3800 Victory Parkway, 45207
Email: hincka@xavier.edu
Twitter: @hincklet
Academica.edu Homepage: http://wisc.academia.edu/AshleyHinck